Entrance Presence EP

by Lay of The Land



The debut EP from Lay of The Land is finally here! Leading off with the breezy & catchy "Roslyn", Entrance Presence features 8 songs covering a wide stylistic range from tracks like "One Way Canoe" and "The Van Buren Boys" which are heavily influenced by Wire and The Fall to more melodic numbers like "Dumb Language" and "Faint Jade" which take their influence from early R.E.M. and New Zealand bands like The Clean & The Chills. The album culminates in the near 7-minute "House of Ransom" which slowly builds to an apocalyptic crescendo.

Lay of The Land intend to keep the material flowing with another new EP "The Underbrush" due in late January and a third EP to follow in the early summer of 2013.


released September 3, 2012

Steve Ninehouser - Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Dylan Critchfield - Bass, Vocals
Keith D'Angelo - Drums, Percussion



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Heavy River Records Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Side Door
When we came around it was all misguided,
and half of the time we were a bit blindsided,
in the fold,
in thinking the lie we had no inhibitions
and sinking in time a war of slow attrition
in the cold

Now in the new style,
not what we would call fine,
in the vein a wretched existence,
out of the blue sky,
he´s about to show signs,
without pain of brittle resistance,

Dumb down the place holders,
talk with the godfather,
numb to the stern scolding,
hawk moths on hot water

Gone to more spacious lengths abated,
could´ve had a baby but she´s way too lazy,
honor guard placements half the wager,
under phonic starts could be the chemic arts,
born to couples keen on epigrams,
do nothing undertakings pathologic faking,
on to the greener pastured engines,
ever freshened lenses looking past a sentence,
leaves ablazes,
homes agape and it´s not a mistake,
dooms averted,
especially thwarted,
crafts encouraged remodelling courage,
hives invested,
testily bested,
dust ingested best to not test it,
booms amended,
pending dependence,
soups immense
Track Name: One Way Canoe
Of course it’s us against them once more
Fast intention games played back for
Watch his score he’s gone down on her
His tactic aims to calm down their honor

Wrapped in chains in plain sight it’s lost to
Balanced actions touch to his master
Clouded rings and painfully dredged up
Copper plated fingers for cub scouts
Happenings would implant the next bastard

Caught in storms imploring them pack up
Wiring flight place turns to infect us
Corner plots have smoked out deception
Adaptive field hands hold for redemption

Partial guards inquire after gas
Deposits under hills to the south now
Columns taking pains for the safe house
Carted load with casks of the milk for
Pawns about to go from the explosives

Over valued extant Egyptian
Collars from the saltpeter regions
Sacred gender uprooted whetstones
Made an end of chaste inner tension
Under racist empty of backlash 
Weary plastic envisioned past lives
Rustic lanterns left on at night but
Lust would have incestuous rites cut
Place the glass at the foot of the fork
Raise the fist out from the landscape
Track Name: Faint Jade
Mrs. Grosvenor surrounding all
of our fables off of the tables

Whistle past the cause of all your flaws
your not able to dance round in sables

Its a grimacing past to recall surmounting the fall
of our drapers for the profiting laborers

This is not a chore accounting for all
of our hatred for our parents and neighbors

Give us a place to befall our knowledge
of scalding white powers from a blistering Salome

Listen close Lenore cause I'm allowing no more
fen gables for the cross discus labels

Dickinson's catalog of the one shot jobs
an impressive display for the coups of premier
dinners at half past four he's espousing more.
Track Name: Switched Off
It’s about to fall
never brought about a mix up
allocate the lessons
to mortar and pestle
in around the centrum
take a crash course
finger past whores
and employ the last resort

Holes black intact a reason sum

Taking back a score
never thought it wasn’t this much
penetrated dresses
investments dependent
anyway you slice it
there’s not an ounce more
delegate to patrons
and single out the floor

cold breath ingest
imprint will hold down the best
incentive molds after lesser beings sent

Death carousal flaws
inner systems haven’t fessed up
effervescent lucks out
indemnities struck out
clues in a similar
fashion have a lure
prefer to hold a tongue
in fact the information’s yours

Half-assed en masse
unkempt decisive in class
blood tangs in glass at the last his
feelings spent
Track Name: Dumb Language
I wouldn’t hear you talk that way my son
Walk with the rhythm it's harking back to the fall
Weaken the sitter’s abrasive tongue to decode
Half of his image in resin body of crones
New clothes, ancient marks.
To the cart, they run like dogs.
Copper engravings entailed departure for them
Green paper attics enveloped likely attest
To the men in falsest roles
Not again, inflamed appendages
Grain in the city limits no wonder it’s gone
Trash compacted lenses crafted for them
What a shame to believe
In a sentience not part of a country
Into the visions taking back his design
Goodness decisions practice paying his mind
Brood flies pulling past trains
In prime holdfast patterns
Track Name: The Van Buren Boys
Did you catch a flaming book on the shelf
It was hardly out of ear shot

Carriage talks have never made up the help
Codified but not too trenchant

Brother doses up the plaintiff tonight
Was it half what you expected?

In a hangar putzing turned out the light
And the platform paying penchants

Turtle panic farms
all the iron bars inch wise

through the batter's box
he will be absent from the farce
Tan arrested sparks
From the lions come the dark
tune the atom bomb
decanted antlers form the marsh

Nukem last played in a Turkish Redon
It was littered with a see saw

Tumorless and grateful part way inane
Accumulating partial propane

Pupils taken on with fake vim and verve
Ever faceless said the postern

New to all the peddlers laked and deterred
Pearl fascination interred

Under vellum planes
Over mastiff pens a grave

Totem pellets flayed
Cold pickaxes in the veins
Tudor pick up games
Purposive intent unnamed
Thunder be afraid
The occidental life ingrained